Doll Shops Waterville ME

Local resource for doll shops in Waterville. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to doll houses, doll clothes, doll accessories, doll collections, toy dolls, Barbie dolls, and porcelain dolls, as well as advice and content on doll museums.

Spell Bound
(207) 872-8200
67 E Concourse
Waterville, ME
Painted Horse
(207) 623-1047
144 Western Ave
Augusta, ME
Briar Patch
(207) 941-0255
27 Central St
Bangor, ME
Discovery Toys
(207) 829-3664
39 Crossing Brook Rd
Cumberland Center, ME
A Special Place for Dolls
(207) 375-7255
117 Marrs Point Rd
Wales, ME
The Painted Horse
(207) 623-1047
144 Western Ave
Augusta, ME
Barbara's Barn
(207) 549-5526
208 Coopers Mills Rd
Windsor, ME
Go Fish Main
(207) 863-4193
56 Main St # 12
Vinalhaven, ME
Island Treasure Toys
(207) 846-6565
359 Main St
Yarmouth, ME
Hobbledehoy Toys
(207) 338-0308
103 Main St
Belfast, ME

Confessions of a Doll-shop-a-holic

Written by Alison Rasmussen   
Are you looking for good deals on dolls? Let me share my tips with you.
Now that I have your attention, I’ll open with my biggest secret: I’m probably the worst bargain shopper in the world when it comes to dolls.

My main problem is loyalty. I have a couple of favorite dealers, even when I come across a better price elsewhere. There are benefits to frequenting a favorite dealer:
  • Customer loyalty programs. Repeat customers often get the best prices from dealers, especially on newly released dolls.
  • Dealer insider specials. If my dealer goes to a convention or show, often she can pick up a special doll or outfit with me in mind.
  • Patronizing the smaller shop. I feel good that my dolly dollars are supporting small business.
A part of my collection is unusual and narrow in focus, and I have commissioned several unique outfits from artists. While this may not be the best way to get a bargain, I am sure to find exactly what I need this way. I’ve found a few people whose work I admire, and I have returned for more pieces later. The benefits are:
  • The artist is familiar with my taste.
  • I’m familiar with the artist’s needs and work habits.
  • The second commission will most likely fit in with my collection, since the artist’s former work is similar in style.
In my collection, I’ve found I really enjoy one-of-a-kind creations. And I really like supporting individuals--be they seamstress, doll art...

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